About Rockwell Editions

Rockwell Editions is the endeavor of artists and printmakers John Cizmar and Connie Wolfe to create and curate quality handmade paper arts.

Connie Wolfe

MFA, Printmaking Ohio University

Connie earned her BA in Painting from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. After working as a graphic designer and continuing to develop skills in printmaking for five years, Connie pursued an MFA in Printmaking from Ohio University. An expert in Mezzotint, Silkscreen and Lithography, Connie has taught both college level and community courses in Wisconsin, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

John Cizmar

MFA, Printmaking Ohio University

John earned his BFA in Printmaking from Bradley University. John received his MFA in Printmaking from Ohio University, where he had the pleasure of working with Abner Jonas, Mary Manusos, Art Werger, Karla Hackenmiller and Melissa Haviland among others. While at OU, John was the Master Printer for several print projects and artists including: David Hostetler, Sean Caulfield, Akiko Taniguchi and Robert Lazuka.